While it might feel like your next joyride is a ways away, you dont want to wait any longer to hit the road once the weather clears in the spring. Thats why making good decisions right now will help you hop back on your motorcycle or behind the wheel of your car even quicker when its time. 

Whether youre looking to safely put away a motorcycle or a hotrod, Mancaves at Pearson Storage has more than enough room for your needs. Mancaves are storage units that have been transformed into private, safe workspaces. Each unit comes with overhead lighting, 220 and 110 outlets, compressed air outlets for air tools and welder plugs, garbage service, high-speed WiFi, a big screen TV with access to 150 HD channels, and 24-hour surveillance.

Before the seasons first snowfall, make sure you have a space to put away your motorcycle or car. Weve got the room at Mancaves. All you have to do is safely prepare your ride for the winter. Here are a few tips on how to do so safely:

Tips for storing your motorcycle over the winter

First off, youll want to find a storage space that is dry and away from the outside elements. Weve got you covered on those fronts. Taking all these steps will ensure that your bike stays in good shape while its not being used. 

Youll want to give your motorcycle a thorough cleaning before putting it away for winter. While it might not be the most fun thing to do to clean a motorcycle that isnt hitting the pavement for a few months, it will save you trouble in the long run. Any dried bugs, dust or spotting will only become bigger issues the longer theyre on your bike. 

Its also important to make sure all moving parts are well lubricated. Before storing your bike, youll want to cover essential internal components with a light coat of oil to prevent unwanted moisture buildup. One way to do this is to remove the spark plugs and put about a tablespoon of oil into the holes. Turn the engine over and coat the cylinder walls by spinning the rear tires while the bike is in gear. Then add back the spark plugs. 

You should also get your motorcycles fluids changed and topped off before putting it away for the winter. Check your bikes brake fluid, clutch fluid, motor oil, and coolant/antifreeze and replace them if necessary, and top all of them off. 

After the gas tank is full, add a fuel stabilizer and take the bike for a short drive, maybe just from the gas station to Mancaves for storing your bike. Dont add the stabilizer at Mancaves, because it wont have the proper chance to mix into the fuel system then. Another helpful step is to replace the oil filter after topping that off. 

As for the battery, what you do depends on how long you think youre motorcycle will be in storage. You can remove the battery entirely, or just keep it on the bike for shorter-term winter storage. If you opt to keep the battery on, youll want to turn the bike on every month or so to charge the battery. The best option might be to remove the battery and store it in an entirely different location that wont have fluctuations in temperature. 

The best way to store a motorcycle over the winter is by taking all the weight off the tires. You can do that by using motorcycle stands, which will prevent uneven tire wear or flat-spotting. If you dont have a stand, you can try to lift the bike up on the front tire to alleviate the weight from the back one. If you do that, youll want to rotate the front tire every few weeks. 

Stuff the air intake and exhaust pipes with muffler plugs. Its a good idea to make sure to fill any open sections of the bike to prevent rodents or pests from taking up residence inside. There are muffler covers and other items you can buy for this purpose, but some people have success using plastic bags.

The last step is to give a nice coat of wax to fight against unwanted moisture, which will help prevent premature rusting. It never hurts to invest in a motorcycle specifically fitted to your model bike even if you are storing it inside. The cover will let the bike breathe, but add more protection against dust, debris, rodents, dings, and scratches. 

Tips for winter car storage

A lot of these are going to be the same for your car as they are for your motorcycle. Before storing your car, make sure the give both the interior and exterior a thorough cleaning. Once the car has air-dried, give it a good waxing to protect the vehicles finish. You can toss in a good polish of the cars chrome, too, if youre so inclined. 

Same as your motorcycle, youll want to fill up your cars gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer before bringing it in for storage at Mancaves. Fill the tank, add the stabilizer and drive it around for 10 minutes or so, and then store it for the winter. 

Even if its not exactly the time, change the oil and filter before storing it. Its a good proactive step to protect against corrosion. You should also check your coolant and top it off. 

Youll run into the same issue with your car tires as with your bike ones, so you can put the car on jack stands to reduce the weight on your tires. If you leave your tires on the ground, your tires can flat spot, in which that area of the tire hitting the ground will go flat from the continued pressure. 

As with your bike, its a good idea to remove the battery. If a car battery loses its charge, it could freeze, which could render it useless. You should store the battery in a heated living space, so its good to go when its hooked back up. 

There are tons of theories and practices on how to properly store your motorcycle or car during the winter. Those are up for you to decide what works best for you. What we can do is give you a safe place away from the outside elements where you can store those vehicles however you like. For a safe storage area for your car or motorcycle, call Mancaves at 360-909-3242 to reserve your spot today.

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