With summer days winding down, its time to think about the less fun parts of having a boat. For instance, where do you put that thing when its not in the water?

Mancaves at Pearson Storage has plenty of room for your boat while you wait for summer to come back around. Mancaves are storage units that have been remodeled into private, safe workspaces. Each unit available comes with overhead lighting, 220 and 110 outlets, compressed air outlets for air tools and welder plugs, garbage service, high-speed WiFi, a big screen TV with access to 150 HD channels, and 24-hour surveillance. 

So weve got the space to store your boat. The rest is up to you, and for some help, here are a few tips on how to store your boat safely both during the boating season and then throughout the winter:

Tips for short-term storage

If you want a safe place to store your boat with easy access for those days you can get out on the water, Mancaves is what youre looking for. Take proper steps for short-term storage of your boat can greatly increase your boats longevity. 

When storing your boat during the season, always rinse your boat after use. When saltwater dries, it forms salt crystals that can damage the surface of your boat. A freshwater rinse can prevent that. 

Make sure to flush your engine to prevent corrosion. Cover your boat, even if youre not using it for only a day. That will protect the upholstery and other components of your boat from UV rays. 

When it comes to long-term storage, theres a lot more to think about, such as:

Know your location

Its not uncommon to see someone store a boat in their driveway, but you need to know when its time to find somewhere dry for your boat. In the Northwest, thats pretty much as soon as summer ends as we head into the rainy season. 

You dont want to leave your boat out in the rain, especially as the temperature really starts to drop. Even one overnight freeze can cause serious damage to both the interior and exterior of your boat. Thats one reason why Mancaves make a great option for your boat storing needs. 

Winterize your boat

Youll want to do a few things to ensure your boat is healthy and ready to go next summer. First, remove the battery and store it in a warm, dry place. You can also consider using a trickle charger to keep your battery in good shape during the winter months.

Drain excess water from your boat, making sure to remove the bilge drain to empty water from your boat. Freezing can result in a cracked hull if not done so. Youll also want to drain excess water from your motor. Frozen water can damage your motor. This can be done by a local boat dealer for some added help, as its a tricky step. 

Make sure your gas tank is full prior to storing, and add a gas stabilizer to prevent moisture. You should also repair the hull. If it was damaged during the boating season, youll want to get it fixed prior to storage so the damage wont get worse over the winter. Remove all electronics and gear, and store them in your home. 

Be proactive to try and keep rodents out. Try setting up mouse traps to catch them before they enter your boat and consider placing mothballs or scented laundry fabric sheets strategically around the boat to keep rodents out. They can do quite a bit of damage if they get to your boat, and damage that isnt always covered by insurance. 

Get a good cover

Another great line of defense for your boat is a cover, and there are plenty of options. The cheapest and most convenient cover is the simple plastic tarp. They are semi-formfitting and allow for airflow to prevent mildew and mold. Since they are cheap, they typically last one winter and will need to be replaced. 

Theres also the shrink wrapping option. These are formed around your boat to fit it nice and snug and are air-tight. Vents can be installed to provide for some airflow. 

You can also go with the canvas and frame, in which a wooden frame is built around the top of the boat and the canvas is then tightly strapped around the frame. While this is the most expensive option, it should last 10 or more years. 

Check on your boat periodically

While you can be sure your boat is safe if stored in one of our Mancaves, come pay it a visit every now and then during the winter. Always remember to perform regular maintenance checks to make sure its in the same condition it was in when you first stored it. If something breaks or mildew begins to grow, its best to know as soon as possible in order to make quick repairs. While there, you can also check for animal droppings or gnaw markings, which could help indicate a problem. 

With our units, you get access to a TV and WiFi, so we wont tell anyone if you want to hop behind the wheel of your boat, put on a video of some sunny day out on the water, and escape the dreary, dark winter for a little bit. 

For a safe storage area for your boat, call Mancaves at (360) 900-3242 to reserve your spot today.

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