Its getting to be that time of the year when most people can start bringing out their warm-weather toys. Whether thats a motorcycle, camping gear or a couple of kayaks, now is the time to take advantage of those beautiful, limited months of sunny and warm days in the Pacific Northwest. 

To make things easier on you, cleaning and storing all these items properly means easier access to them when its time to go. Mancaves at Pearson Storage has everything you need to keep your most precious toys safe and ready for use. 

Mancaves are storage units that have been remodeled into private, safe workspaces. Each unit available comes with overhead lighting, 220 and 110 outlets, compressed air outlets for air tools and welder plugs, garbage service, high-speed WiFi, a big screen TV with access to 150 HD channels, and 24-hour surveillance. 

Tips for vehicle storage

There are plenty of ways to store your vehicle to ensure its safe and ready for the road:

  • First off, cleaning off the dirt and grime is a great way to extend the life of your vehicle. You can even wax the exterior to protect it further. 
  • A cover made of breathable material can help prevent mold and mildew to build up. 
  • Change the oil and top off the tank, as used oil has contaminants that can damage the engine if left for a long period of time.
  • Disconnect the battery if you’re not going to be using the vehicle for a length of time. However, if you can start your vehicle every couple or weeks to recharge the battery and re-lubricate engine components. 
  • Periodically move the tires to prevent flat spots on your tires. 
  • For motorcycles, lube and adjust the motorcycle’s chain to keep it pliable and rust-free.
  • Put mothballs in a vehicle to avoid mice and squirrels from chewing the upholstery.

Tips for storing water toys

When storing a vehicle used in the water, like a boat or jet ski, youre going to want to do some of the same things as your other vehicles. While kayaks and canoes are smaller and can be stored in more places, theres also still plenty that goes into safely storing those items, as well. 

  • Give the vehicle a thorough cleaning, scrub it inside and out and make sure to include the hardware and trim. You’ll also want to check for blistering or cracks and repair that damage before storing your boat.
  • Get a water-resistant cover to ensure moisture damage doesn’t occur. 
  • Properly secure your boat to a trailer and park on a flat surface, if possible. Otherwise, use heavy blocks to keep the trailer from rolling away.
  • For kayaks, remove any fabric elements, such as seating, compartments, and straps. This will help keep bugs and rodents from infesting your boat.
  • Store your kayaks and canoes in a storage rack. The hulls of these boats aren’t built for long-term placement on hard surfaces, like a floor. Using a storage rack and placing it upside down will help keep the boat secure and protect its structure. Without proper support, the plastic exterior could dent.
  • Keep your kayaks and canoes in a climate-controlled indoor storage facility. When the temperature and humidity are regulated, there’s no risk for cracking or moisture damage. 

Tips for storing camping gear

With so many stunning places to go camping in the Northwest, its clear why camping is something so many of us spend time doing, especially in the warmer months. When youre excited to get out into nature, you dont want to have to dig through bins, tarps and everything else in your garage to get what you need. 

Investing in a Mancave for camping season is a great way to keep everything you need safe and organized. Here are a few ways to keep your camping gear ready for your next adventure:

  • Air out your tent after using it. If you put away your tent before it’s completely dry, you can get mildew. 
  • Wash your sleeping bag, even if it seems clean. 
  • Thoroughly clean you dishes, utensils and cooking gear. 
  • Once everything it clean, put it away in clear bins, so you can see what is in each bin. Also, pack the gear and items together by use, so cooking items with cooking items and tent supplies with tent supplies. 

For a safe storage and staging area for all your toys call Mancaves at (360) 900-3242 to reserve your spot today. 

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