Storing and Working on Your Motorcycle

The Northwest has plenty of scenic roads that make for great trips to take on your motorcycle. Unfortunately, the Northwest also has plenty of times of year that arent too friendly to motorcycle riders. To ensure that you and your bike are ready to hit the ground running when the time is right for a ride, its best to protect your motorcycles year-round.

Mancaves at Pearson Storage is here to help you with your motorcycle storage needs. Mancaves has 20 former storage units that have been remodeled into private workspaces. They range in size from a single-level unit with a 12×21 cave floor, 10×10 roll-up door, and 12-foot high ceilings up to a 664-square-foot-unit big enough to fit four cars or plenty more motorcycles.

Tips for motorcycle storage

The most optimal method for protecting your motorcycle is to store it indoors. Not only will that make it less likely to be stolen, but itll protect your bikes against the weather elements, like if you live in a part of the country where it rains half the year, for example. Exposing bikes to rain and moisture can wreak havoc on a motorcycles part.

Depending on the time of year, you dont want to cover your motorcycle in storage. When the temperature starts to drop, condensation can form on metal parts, and having a cover on the bike will trap that condensation in, which leads to corrosion. However, in warm weather, a breathable cover can help keep the motorcycle dust-free.

Preparing your bike for the winter

When it is finally time to put the bike away for winter, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure your motorcycle will be safe and healthy come spring. The first thing you want to do is give your bike a thorough cleaning, as letting things like bug splats and water spots sit on the paint can corrode the finish. Youll want to wash your bike and dry it completely to get all the moisture off the surfaces. Then, you can add a coat of wax to act as an additional barrier against moisture and rust.

Another important step in your motorcycles heath is to take care of the battery. If you have a lead-acid battery with the screw-on type caps on top, youll want to check the battery fluid level. This is a pretty common type of failure for bike batteries, and theyre typically the result of neglect. If you have what is called a maintenance-free battery,” that doesnt exactly live up to its name either. They are helped by warm storage and periodic charging.

Motor oil acts as a lubricant, as well as aids in the filtration system. When a bike is put into storage with used motor oil, the carbon in the motor oil will slowly separate and rise to the surface. This can be extremely corrosive, and can possibly cause etching on metal surfaces, such as transmission gears and bearings. The engine oil and filter should be replaced before storage to remove dirty oil and the harmful carbon deposits suspended within it.

Tires are porous and will lose air while in storage, and a soft or flat tire will develop a permanent flat spot if left weighted in one position for an extended period of time. Store your motorcycle on its center stand or paddock stands to prevent this issue.

Whether youre in need of workshop space to fix up your bike, or simply somewhere safe to store them until its time to ride again, Mancaves is your answer. All you have to do to find your Mancave is call (360) 909-3242 to reserve your spot.

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