Mancaves Storage Ideas and Layouts

It’s no secret that space at home is at a premium. Whether you’ve had to convert part of your home into an office space or a classroom, we’re all making multi-use spaces out of our homes nowadays. But just because your home now has to find room for work and school doesn’t mean your other projects should be discarded.”

Mancaves Storage Sizes and Amenities

Mancaves at Pearson Storage is here to make sure you have time and space for your other projects. Mancaves are storage units that have been remodeled into private, safe workspaces. Each unit available comes with overhead lighting, 220 and 110 outlets, compressed air outlets for air tools and welder plugs, garbage service, high-speed WiFi, a big screen TV with access to 150 HD channels, and 24-hour surveillance.

No matter what you’re looking to do, Mancaves has a space for you. There are nearly 20 spaces available for rent, ranging from a single-level unit with a 12×21 cave floor, 10×10 roll-up door and 12-foot high ceilings up to a 664-square-foot-unit big enough to fit four cars.

Certain units have other amenities for you, such as loft space for extra storage or lounging room. Some have in-unit sinks with access to hot and cold water, and all units have access to central water outlets. There are also options with 25-foot high ceilings, which are great if you need to get a car lift in there to raise your car up to work on it. Other spaces are more narrow but longer, so you can still fit a few cars in them.

Mancaves Business Units

Mancaves don’t have to just be used for projects, though. A few units are permitted for business, including a 750-square-foot space across the street from Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. That unit comes with air conditioning, brand new carpet and plenty of parking right out in front.

If you’re looking to show off some items, whether classic cars or something else, a few units come with spaceship lighting, which will make for a great showroom.

Whether you’re looking for some room to work on everything from your bike to a car to a trailer, or your workshop has been taken over thanks to remote learning, Mancaves has you covered. There are enough size and layout options to meet whatever needs you have, even if that’s just a quiet place to get some work done while you watch the game.

All you have to do to find your Mancave is call (360) 909-3242 to reserve your spot. You bring the tools and project, and we’ll provide the space, lower, lights, and WiFi.

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