Here at Mancaves, we can provide you with a lot. Well give you a safe, secure place to park vehicles, work on vehicles or even just hang out away from the home. However, there are plenty of things we cant do at Mancaves, and the main of those is figuring out how to use all the space youre renting from us. 

Mancaves at Pearson Storage are storage units that have been transformed into private, safe workspaces. Each unit comes with overhead lighting, 220 and 110 outlets, compressed air outlets for air tools and welder plugs, garbage service, high-speed Wi-Fi, a big screen TV with access to 150 HD channels, and 24-hour surveillance.

Once youve got the space, its yours. Depending on which unit you rent and what you originally rented it for, there are tons of uses you can get out of your Mancave. Heres a look at a few ideas on how to use your space to get you started:

Make it multi-use

Most of our caves have room for a vehicle and some other items, at the very least. If you rented space to work on a car, weve of course got room for that. You can have your vehicle in there, plus a workbench and tools. But were also providing the TV, so why not bring a couch or some chairs and give you and your buddies some space to kick back and enjoy your home away from home? 

But whatever you originally intended to use the Mancave for, dont limit yourself to using it for just that one thing. Youve got the space, so make the most of it. 

Turn it into a Game Room

For plenty, tinkering around on a car or bike is fun enough. But there are tons of other fun things you can do in your new Mancave. Feel free to use that TV we provided and hook up a PlayStation or X-Box, bring a few buddies, and try not to let a Madden-inspired fight break out. Our high-speed Wi-Fi means you can also try your hand at playing with your buddies who arent hanging in the cave with you. 

If you rent a cave with enough room, you can also bring in a table and some chairs and play some board games in there, if thats your entertainment of choice. Foosball tables are a staple of any Mancave, and if youve got the means of transporting one, we have plenty of caves with the space for them. 

Bring in some Music

Sure, when youre working on your car in the Mancave, youll probably want to have something in the background, whether its music or something on the TV. But our spaces are also a great place to hang out and listen to music when you want to really focus on it and enjoy what youre listening to. Feel free to bring a record player or CD player to your Mancave, plug in some headphones and just fall into a world of your own with you providing the soundtrack. 

But thats not your only musical option in the Mancave. It can be hard to find space to jam with your buddies. Maybe someone clanking away on their 1970s hot rod isnt the best background noise, its certainly a more welcome place to get together and play with your friends than a basement while trying not to wake a sleeping kid or play too loud so your spouse cant hear the TV. 

Build Something

While the Mancaves are geared towards those working on cars and motorcycles, were just giving you a secure space to bring some tools and mess around. If you want to do that on a car or bike, great. If youve got the tools for another non-vehicle-related project, bring that on down, too. 

Wed love to give you the space to tinker, build, tear down, and rebuild whatever it is youre working on. It can be something as tiny as a birdhouse or mailbox, a bookcase, or even just that new Lego set youve had your eye on. Bring it to a Mancave to build it without interruption and without fear of the kids or dogs knocking something over or stepping on a nail.

Store something

Weve covered a ton of different active uses for your Mancave, but its also a great place to store things. Weve got the room for something as big as that sports car you dont want in your driveway or the camper youre just waiting to use once the weather allows it. As we get further into spring, clear out the clutter in your garage and bring your winter gear to a Mancave, and dont fret over it until that first snowflake pops up on your weather app later this year. 

So, really, no matter what youre looking for, Mancaves can provide the space to make it happen. Give us a call today at 360-909-3242 to reserve your spot today.

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