Can I work on my car in my Mancave?
Of course! You bring the tools, and the car, we’ll provide the space, power, lights and WiFi.
Do I have to tell my family what I’m doing in my Mancave?
Only if you want to. But why would you want to do that?
Are women allowed to get a Mancave?
Sure, the more the merrier!
Can I use my Mancave for business purposes?
Yes, two of our buildings are permitted for business use.
Will I have access to water on site?
Several units have industrial sinks and all units have access to central water outlets.
Is there a bathroom on site?
Yes, we have a secure, heated bathroom on site.
Can I live in my Mancave?
No, you can’t live in a mancave. It is against City of Vancouver code.
How much does a Mancave cost?

$995- $1995 per month depending on the size and amenities of the Mancave.

Is there security?
24-hour surveillance cameras are on the premises.

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